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August 25, 1997


Subject: Performance Based Construction Efforts of Custom Seal, Inc.

Custom Seal Has approached the Performance Based Studies Research Group (PBSRG) at Arizona State University (ASU) to set up a nonbiased “information system” to ensure roofing system performance. The PBSRG is the only nonbiased national research organization that collects and disseminates performance based information on facility services/systems. Using the PBSRG developed Performance Based Procurement System (PBPS) to identify best solutions based on proven information; PBSRG’s goal is to minimize risk and liability for the facility owners and Custom Seal. The roofing performance of Custom Seal contractors is being posted on the World Wide Web at http://www.eas.asu.edu/pbsrg .

The PBSRG is currently implementing a performance information reporting system for all of Custom Seal, Inc. roofs installed in the United States. The system is designed to assist facility owners to identify and quantify the performance of roofs installed by Custom Seal contractors. Every Custom Seal contractor’s project is monitored for customer satisfaction, leakage, maintenance and performance. All contractors who install Custom Seal’s roofing system go through a performance check. The highest level of contractor performance is a random check of all their installed roofing systems.

Custom Seal has been one of the prime supporters of performance based construction in the roofing industry. Custom Seal’s management has embraced the performance based philosophy and wants facility owners to be able to differentiate their product/contractors based on actual “in-field” performance not marketing hype.

This is not an endorsement of Custom Seal’s product or performance. PBSRG collects performance information on different types of systems. PBSRG encourages facility owners to use performance information and consider the highest performing roofing contractor’s/systems. If you have any questions please contact us.


Dean T. Kashiwagi, Ph.D., P.E.


TO:  Custom Seal Roofing Systems Inc.
         Custom Seal’s Performance Partners

SUBJECT:  Updates to Research Project Objectives and Contractor Requirements

Objective of the Research Program:

Implement Performance Based Information System in Custom Seal Roofing Systems operations. The research program includes the following components”

1.       All authorized contractors. Installing Custom Seal’s material will submit information on previous customers to conduct a performance evaluation. There are four levels of performance within Custom Seal’s performance program.

2.       All roofing projects using Custom Seal’s material will have its performance monitored by ASU-PBSRG as well as by Custom Seal Inc.

3.       Using the performance information of performing partners and the Custom Seal material to differentiate Custom Seal and its performing partners from other roofing manufacturers and contractors.

Levels of Performance:

The following levels distinguish each contractor’s performance based on the results of the customer surveys. The contractors are evaluated by their previous customers using a rating scale from 1-10, 10 being the best. As the contractor installs more Custom Seal material and improves their performance they are able to advance to higher levels. The following performance levels are based on all jobs using Custom Seal material only:

LEVEL 1: Contractor has installed more than two jobs.
                 Installed a minimum total roof area of at least 250,000 sq. ft.
                 Contractor maintains an average rating of 9.5 or above.
                 Response time is a minimum of 2 days.
                 Has no existing leaks reported. 

LEVEL 2: Contractor has installed a minimum of two jobs.
                 Installed a minimum total roof area of 100,000 sq. ft.
                 Contractor maintains an average rating of 8.5 or above.
                 Response time is a minimum of 2 days.
                 Has no leaks reported.

LEVEL 3: Installed a minimum of 50,000 sq. ft.
                 Contractor maintains an average rating of 8.0 or above.
                 Response time is a minimum of 2 days.
                 Has no existing leaks reported.

                 Contractors approved to install Custom Seal’s roofing system. If contractor has installed
                 Custom Seal’s material, but has not met the other level requirements.

Requirements for Identification of Performance Level of the Contractor

Based on the type of performance information listed above and collected by the PBSRG, the results will relay the following:

1.       Performance of the roof manufacturer.

2.       Percent of satisfied customers.

3.       Percent of roofs that have leaked, but have been repaired.

4.       Percent of roofs with existing leaks.

Verification and Performance of Custom Seal Applicators

Once a contractor installs a Custom Seal roof at any level of performance, the roof will continue to be monitored by PBSRG and Custom Seal. If the roof leaks or the customer is dissatisfied, it is the performing partner’s responsibility to resolve the problem. Custom Seal will handle all material problems. If the contractor is unable to repair the leak, or resolve the problem, then the contractor will no longer be an approved applicator of Custom Seal material.

All contractors that have installed Custom Seal materials are annually surveyed by PBSRG. The customer satisfaction survey is available on both the Custom Seal’s and PBSRG’s website. 

Reducing Risks and Internet Postings

Contractors performing at higher levels reduce the risk. Custom Seal’s performance program which include Custom Seal accepting “reduced risk” of performers, educating facility owners of performance concepts, and the research and development of new techniques and systems will be based on performance levels of the contractors. Contractors performing at Levels 1 thru 3 will also have their performance lines published in ASU-PBSRG’s annual Performance Based Roofing book and have their performance listed on the Internet under projects and at Custom Seal’s website.

Contractor Submittals and Performance Reports

Prospective customer will submit current customer lists to ASU-PBSRG. Dr. Kashiwagi will sign a nondisclosure agreement with the contractor. The contractor will also submit a description of the similar system to Custom Seal. Custom Seal will approve the “similar” system. The performance report will then be forwarded to the contractor and Custom Seal. The contractor will have an opportunity to eliminate any problems (if any) after the performance is issued.

The customer lists shall be submitted on diskette using MS-Excel program including the following information:

·         Job or Customer Name

·         Job Size (square feet)

·         Installation date

·         Point of contact at the facility

·         Phone and fax number for the POC

The performance report (results from the survey) will list the following:

·         Number and percentage of roofs that currently leak

·         Number and percentage of roofs that leak and were fixed

·         Number and percentage of roofs that never leaked

·         Amount of traffic on the roof

·         Customer satisfaction

·         Roof satisfaction 

Custom Seal and PBSRG Research Responsibilities

Custom Seal has been participating in this PSBRG research program since 1996. The concepts of performance are still untried and incomplete. Custom Seal has agreed to keep implementing the Performance Concepts of Dr. Kashiwagi annually. The research program will be documented, analyzed, and the results given to Custom Seal on an annual bases. Dr. Kashiwagi has signed a letter of nondisclosure with Custom Seal, and the result of the research is proprietary to Custom Seal.


DEAN T. KASHIWAGI                                                                      STEVEN MAYLE
Director, PBSRG                                                                              President, Custom Seal Inc.






A.      Research Background: Over the past ten years, the PBSRG has collected performance information on roofing, janitorial, landscaping, electrical, mechanical, Job Order and parking deck coating contractors. The PBSRG and Dr. Dean T. Kashiwagi of Arizona State University’s Del  E. Webb School of Construction have collected the data. The data from these inspections and performance studies has been compiled into a third party, nonbiased contractor performance information database.

B.      Two Major Performance Factors: The data has shown that there are two major factors which influence the performance of a roofing systems. First, the overall quality of the materials used in the system and second, the skill of the contractor who installs it. Deficiences in either area can cause premature failure requiring costly repairs in the system.

C.      Current Industry Environment: Performance information currently available in the roofing industry is based largely on “advertising” claims and “marketing hype”. Many systems are currently sold as performers and may or may not be supported by reliable performance information. Consequently, very few contractors and roof system suppliers have been willing to have their performance evaluated.


A.      ASU and Custom Seal are testing a performance based information system in Custom Seal’s operations. The research program includes two processes. First, all contractors installing Custom Seal’s material will submit information on their previous jobs and be prequalified by ASU as an approved applicator performing at one of five levels of performance. Then, once a contractor installs a Custom Seal roof (at any level of performance), ASU and Custom Seal will monitor the roof for performance.

The data collected on each individual contractor can be seen at the website
 www. customseal.com  . The results of the survey are shown on the following page.

Disclaimer: The information has been collected under the license of Dean T. Kashiwagi and does not represent the views of the Del E. Webb School of Construction, Alliance for Construction Excellence, or Arizona State University. It is not an endorsement of the above contractor or product. It is unbiased, documented, performance information that can be verified by the facility owner. If you have further questions about the performance of the evaluated system, we request that you contact us.






Total Number of Contractor Surveyed


Total Number of Jobs


Total Roof Are (sq. ft.)


Maximum Age Roofs (years)


Average Roof Age (years


Average Roof Area (sq. ft.)


Number of Roofs over 15,000 sq. ft.


Total Area of Roofs over 15,000 sq. ft.






Total Number of Contractors Surveyed


Total Number of Jobs Surveyed


Number of Roofs that Never Leaked


Number of Roofs that Still Leak


Percent of Roofs that Never Leaked


Percent of Roofs that Still Leak


Percent of Roofs that Leaked and were repaired


Percent of Roofs not requiring maintenance


Percent of Satisfied Customers


Percent of Jobs Completed on Time


Percent of Roofs with Traffic Greater than 12 Times per Year






Average Number of Days to Respond to Emergencies


Contractor’s Ability to Communicate*


Contractor’s Management Abilities*


Professionalism of Contractor*


Contractor’s Level of Honesty*


Overall Performance of Contractor*


Comfort Level in Hiring Contractor Again Based Solely on Performance*


Number of Different Customer Responses


*Maximum rating applicable for this survey is 10





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